What to Wear For Headshots

One question that always comes up regarding photography sessions is about what to wear for headshots.  It is one of the most important questions.

What you are wearing plays a large part in how you will present yourself in the photos.

It enhances the image of yourself that you are trying to portray.  A CEO needs completely different clothing choices than a fitness instructor does. If your company is looking for a photo for their website, you need an outfit that fits with the look and feel of those already there. If you’re after a more relaxed feel for a LinkedIn headshot then check out some other people in the same field as you on LinkedIn for some ideas. Taking a little time to do some research before hand can really pay dividends.

What Kind of Clothes Should I Bring?

Everything should be well fitting and comfortable, the better you feel while wearing the clothes, the more comfortable you will look in your photos. If you know that you look and feel fabulous in certain outfits you already own, that’s great, splurging on something new can also be an option.

Clothes should be solid colours with clean lines. Busy patterns, ruffles and bows on clothing can be distracting in a photo when you are the focus of attention.

Mike at TD Canada Trust office, Toronto wearing business suit sitting behind desk, window in background 4009
Smiling Jessica in business wear arms folded, changed background for professional headshots Toronto 019A0131.
online business profile image, grey suit, open neck white shirt, Toronto Island location 4749

I always recommend bringing a variety of clothing to a headshot photo shoot. A few things that work are suit jackets, white blouses and dark coloured tops. You don’t have to empty your wardrobe, but it is better to have some clothing pieces that we don’t use, than not enough to choose from.

I always start by saying bring solid colours and clean lines. Avoid busy patterns, ruffles and logos, big jewelry and accessories. The photo is about you. Clothing helps to show “you”, the same as a proper makeup job does. A great headshot should make you appear confident and is about highlighting your face and eyes, clothing that is distracting doesn’t contribute to this.

Avoid colours that are similar to your natural skin tone. Flesh tone colours are generally not flattering. Choose a colour that contrasts your skin and is naturally flattering for your hair and eye colour. For women, make sure you wear a bra that doesn’t show through. Visible straps, black under white or white under black are not flattering in a photograph.

Just make sure they are clean, pressed, and looking presentable. Bringing a dark sweater or top that your cat slept on the night before is not a good idea! (Yes, it’s happened!!) Also make sure your clothing is well fitting; too tight clothing that is uncomfortable makes you look uncomfortable and too loose can make you look heavier than you actually are.

Remember, there are definitely steps that you can take before your photography session that will add to the success of your headshot ! Doing a little research is always time well spent.