Headshots – What to Expect

Preparing For Your Headshot Session

Before your session for headshots, you will need to book a time to come to the studio. It is important to stick to this time as closely as you can, as other people may have sessions booked before or after you.

You can email or call Robert McGee to discuss your general needs. It’s helpful for a photographer to know prior to shooting if you need only headshots or if you need full-length or 3/4 length.

What’s the Purpose of Your Shoot?

Is this for work? For fun? For LinkedIn? Do you want a corporate look or a more relaxed feel? Do you want to do both? Do you need a profile picture for online dating? (you never know!) This helps a photographer make clothing suggestions for the shoot.

Do you need any specific background for a company website? Do you need a cut-out such as realtors use on signs? This enables the photographer to plan the set up in studio before you arrive.

Do You Need Hair and Makeup?

Do you need a make-up artist? (It’s essential you book this in advance). This also needs to be planned, for the time factor involved. I highly recommend that you put the $75 you are planning to spend at the salon towards an on-site hair and makeup artist. You then have someone there to check and touch up. This applies to both men and women.

A typical in studio makeup session is half an hour to 40 minutes for the application. The makeup artist then remains on set until we have captured the desired result.

What To Expect During Your Photo Shoot

When you arrive for your session for headshots, we will spend a few minutes discussing some details. We will take a look at your clothing selections, and decide which will work best for your photo session and see what outfits will be best for the looks you are going for. It is a good idea to bring more than you need. It is better to have too much, than not enough options.

How Long Will It Take?

The photographer will take as much time as needed to get some great shots of you. A typical session booking time is an hour. Sometimes it can be less, or sometimes longer is needed. Not everyone feels comfortable right away in front of the camera. We will take as long as we need to get the desired results. 

What About Clothing?

You will also have the opportunity to change clothing. For corporate or business shots this can be as simple as taking off or putting on a suit jacket. If you are going for several ‘looks’ this can involve hair and makeup changes and a complete change of clothes.

What Happens After the Photo Shoot?

How Do I See My Photographs?

We aim to get your online gallery available for viewing and downloading within 2 to 3 days after your shoot. The number of images in your gallery will vary depending on how many ‘looks’ you have. The general aim is around 10-15 images per ‘look’. These images will be edited but not retouched and will be low-resolution. These will not be printable versions. The high-resolution images, however, are included in any package on request. You geneally don’t need high-res images if they are for online use.

What About Retouching?

From your gallery, choose which you would like to have retouched. Check how many are included in your package, any extra will cost $65 per image. Professional retouching can take anywhere from 30 minutes to over an hour, per image. This typically takes  2-3 days from when you make your selection. It is possible to have them faster if requested, but incurrs an additional cost.

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