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Robert McGee Photography

Robert McGee is a Toronto based photographer with a portrait studio close to downtown, who specializes in professional headshots. Whether you need a new profile picture for your online professional identity or your company needs new employee heashots for their website, he is available. Robert will also travel to your company location. His expertise includes executive portraits, corporate headshots and business headshots for company websites. He is also adept at capturing some great ‘at-work’ candid shots around your office or workplace.  Robert is skilled in children’s and actor headshots, always capturing the perfect image whatever your needs, offering advice and help along the way.

Corporate and Business Photographer

Robert McGee is skilled in business and corporate photography. Do you need group photographs or candid shots of people at work? Or individual headshots with a consistent look for your company website? Take at look around at the galleries to get some ideas for your business.

Personal and Professional Branding

Photography for Branding can enhance your marketing power for both you and your business online. You can look professional and approachable, while quickly highlighting the nature of your business, whatever it’s size. Photogrpahy sessions can capture the perfect headshot or portrait and include candid shots of your business and work.


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