Professional Retouching

The minute detail captured with ever advancing digital photography is not always flattering for a headshot, no matter what age you are! Professional retouching should be subtle and leave you with a headshot that still looks authentic, natural and creates an image that is realistic and flattering.

Professional retouching aims to allow a viewer to see you as they would, should they meet you in person.

The aim is to reduce but not remove, wrinkles and dark under eye circles and to even out blotchy or red skin tones. Eyes can be brightened and teeth whitened, pimples and veins can be removed. Double chins can also be reduced, if necessary.

Fully retouched headshot for business profile.

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A different background entirely changes the feel of your headshot. This background gives more of a business edge to the image.

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Blemishes are removed and skin tones are evened out, removing redness while still leaving natural skin detail.

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Wrinkles and dark circles are reduced around the eyes. Stray hairs are removed from in front of the eyes and the eyes brightened.

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Children’s headshots are enhanced with gentle retouching. Stray hairs are removed, skin tones are adjusted and dark circles under the eyes can be reduced.

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