Frequently Asked Questions

Should I get a hair and makeup artist?

The simple answer is yes. The hair and make up artists that we work with are specifically experienced in makeup for headshots. Even if, normally, you don’t wear makeup, we still recommend it.  More info.


What can I expect during my headshot session?


What happens if I am late for my appointment?

Please try to be punctual, as we often have other clients booked on the same day. If you are late, it may cut into your session time. You will be charged for missed appointments.


What clothes should I wear or bring?

Keep it simple. Bring well-fitting clothing with simple necklines and little to no pattern. This keeps the focus of the headshot on your face. You are the highlight, not what you are wearing. More info.

Please note, the studio is not responsible for your wardrobe choices. If you come to your session with wardrobe choices that you are not happy with, you are welcome to book a second session at the standard headshot session rates to have another opportunity to try a different set of wardrobe choices.


Can I have the RAW files?

RAW files are unfinished images and we do not supply these to our clients. If you choose to purchase the downloadable Online Proof Gallery, proof image are web-resolution (2048ox) and are good for social media. Retouched images are high-resolution (5000px+) and delivered as high-quality JPG images suitable for websites, social medial, print material, business cards, billboards, buses, etc.


Do You Travel?

While we are able to be 100% mobile, we will generally only travel to your location if there are 3 or more people requiring headshots.