Corporate Headshots for Companies

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Before providing a quote for a company, I need a rough idea of what you need or expect from the shoot. What you need can make a difference to what equipment I bring to your location. Headshots or full-length shots, candid or group shots can require seperate equipment and the size of the group can also make a difference.

If the company requires retouching, this must be specified before. One final image per person will be retouched. If is more is required for a significant person in the company, it must also be specfied before the shoot. This helps me organize post-shoot workload.

I generally expect to have one point of contact within the company to optimize communication and avoid confusion.

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For the shoot, it is helpful to have as much room and clear space as possible. Good ceiling height is helpful but not always a possibility.

Employees should be groomed and dressed appropriately – whether in business attire or business casual, whatever the company’s choice for the shoot. It helps if employees have read “What to Wear for Headshots”. In brief, clothing should be clean, well-pressed, and fresh-looking. Solid tones and colors, as well as simple designs, are always a good choice.


male executive seated in front of window for headshots Toronto 1636An online gallery will be provided to the point of contact only. The length of time it takes to provide the gallery depends on the number of headshots and the style of the shoot. For headshots, 3-4 images per person are provided, these will not be retouched.

Typically it can take a few days to a week to complete the gallery. The point of contact can download and share images with employees as appropriate.

If retouching has been requested, one final image per person will be retouched. Retouching can take up to 30 minutes for one person so again, it depends on how many people are involoved, the length of time it will be for turn around.