Thank you Rob McGee! Not only did you & Kelly make today a lot of fun but you got me back on FB!

I just had my first job with the agency this week. I was picked from their website so I would have to credit my new headshots! So thanks very much !

That's great! When I first saw the attached photo, I didn't notice any evidence of photoshopping. Then I found the original to compare, and wow, the photoshopped version looks much better (or younger!). Well done, your fixes are really subtle and look natural.

TC Folkpunk
This is amazing, Rob. I'm speechless. I cannot thank you enough.

My goodness. I think my men love me more after seeing these pictures. You're a great photographer. You made me feel comfortable which is a difficult task. I love the backgrounds: textures, colours, light. You created magic. Thank You!

Just want to Thank you again for the photo shoot yesterday! You are a true professional! You are great to work with, focused and pay attention to detail. Thank you for spending the Extra Time on me! The photos looked great!

Robert - the photos look fantastic! Thank you! You make me look so glamorous!! So fun meeting and working with you!!

These are so great!!! (Seriously, is that really even me?!) Robert has a beautiful gift, and I'm so very, very grateful. Thanks so much!!!

Independent Arbonne Consultant