Hair and Makeup for Headshots

I’ve been photographing headshots, fashion, film and weddings for over 20 years and I’m often asked if makeup is important.
Easy answer, yes! But…and it is a big but, not just any makeup.

You might ask, “Isn’t it easy just to fix an image in Photoshop?” It is possible, yes, but Photoshopped images can often look a little more artificial. Your headshot photograph should portray the real you, and for that you have to look real!

For a headshot, makeup should be done by a trained artist that works in the industry, has experience applying makeup for the camera and for the studio lighting that may be used. An experienced makeup artist has a full kit on hand with many different products, costing into the thousands of dollars. When you hire an experienced makeup artist, you draw from both the artists collections and experiences.

It’s important to know that makeup done by a pro will likely not look how you’ve ever had it done before. Again, you can relax. The point is to bring out the best in you. Highlighting all of your natural features is what they do best. It will probably seem like more makeup than you’re used to, but the camera doesn’t see it that way. When I see a proper makeup job done, I’m impressed with an even, overall blend. It doesn’t highlight features such as lips or eyes too much, but just enough to enhance. There’s a nice, smooth appeal. It doesn’t focus on too much eyeliner, too bright lips or too much blush. Makeup that is great for everyday wear is not the most effective for headshot photography. Beautiful, natural, strong is the aim. Those are words I use to describe a makeup job that looks good on camera. A good makeup artist can apply a lot of makeup without making it look like a lot of makeup!

Also importantly, you get to be pampered! You also get to share information about what works best for your face: colours, shades, tones, etc. It’s an information exchange – and you get to relax! You’ll end up feeling so ready for the camera that you’ll be radiating with confidence!

You can expect a makeup session to last approximately 45 minutes. It will be slightly longer if hair styling is needed.

LinkedIn headshot for Shanee wearing black jacket 019A0845